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We are well into the DATA entrenched era of education. Data is requested and expected. Data is used for PBIS, goals, student progress, staff evaluations and more

is YOUR data:

  • informing you of what you really need to know?
  • accessible in a manner that allows you to work the data instead of the data working you?
  • mobile so you can access it on the go?

I have built custom database solutions using Filemaker Pro for 20 years. I have built several  solutions over the years:

  • Grading & Assessing Databse for Student Portfolios (when I was teaching)
  • PBIS Behavior Tracking Database
  • Student Assessment Database for reporting out a assessment data for teachers in a much more friendly and meaningful format
  • Staff Observation and Evaluation Database
  • Administration Operations database for school administrators
  • .. and others…

Find out how Sparking the Genius can provide database solutions that allow you be data informed and not data engorged.

Database Solution costs are highly variable depending on the needs of the client. Please call 608-620-4784 or e-mail for more details or questions.

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