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Chris Telfer

  • Twenty years experience at elementary, middle and high school as a teacher and administrator;
  • Strengths engage students through the use of technology;
  • Presentations on the use of technology for administrators and teachers in classrooms;
  • Develops small databases (iOS, Web, Windows, Mac):
  • Certified trainer Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People;
  • Energetic, good sense of humor, creative problem solver, life-long learner;
  • Licensed superintendent, administrator, educator in State of Wisconsin;
  • B.A. UW-Green Bay; M.A. Marian University, A.B.D. (all but dissertation) for Ed.D at Edgewood College

Quotes About Chris Telfer

“Chris … has the ability to engage students that are disengaged from school. To truly connect with students that are disengaged with school takes a person with tenacity, vision, insight, humor and personality. … He often reaches students that others have been unable to connect with.” – Dawna W. 6th Grade Science/Math Teacher

“Chris has an amazing skill set in terms of technology. He is able to manipulate many data systems and computer applications. It is second nature for Chris to use technology in his day to day work. Not only does he use technology well, he is able to problem solve and fix many issues in terms of the devices he uses.”  -Kerr M., Elementary School Principal

“..he has shown flexibility, enthusiasm, and a natural aptitude for technology. He is constantly finding new technological tools and resources to make himself more efficient and to improve the operation of the school……Chris is a creative thinker who always looks for new, innovative ways to solve problems.” – Jon T. Director of Technology

“His work ethic, sense of humor, endless supply of energy, and ability to get along with students and staff alike, contribute to a positive, enjoyable and energetic atmosphere” – JB

“Chris combines intelligence and people skills in a manner that I associate with an effective leader.”-Larry B., Superintendent

“He is a kind, compassionate, driven individual who is committed to making our schools a safe and positive place for our children to learn and grow.”- Cathy W. , Educational Assistant/Parent

“Chris looks at change as an opportunity.  He embraces innovation and pursues its mastery.” – Kevin K., 6th Grade Teacher

“.. help[s] us with our computer abilities. I also appreciate [his] organization and habit of dealing with student problems quickly and efficiently.” – Blaine K., High School Mathematics Teacher

“Mr. Telfer is always pleasant and approachable.  He has a good sense of humor and presents an uplifting personality.  He seems to always be in a happy mood, and makes one feel welcome and at ease when talking to him. He makes things interesting for others to view, such as developing band schedules and office memos with graphics, color and a touch of humor and human interest, instead of just leaving them merely informational. His efforts make the information pleasing to the senses.” – Nancy Z, High School Art

“Chris Telfer has brought many positive contributions to our school in his tenure …. Here are just a small list of the many good things [Chris]  has brought to the job:

  • Enthusiasm for projects, change, and growth
  • Optimism for the best out of his students and fellow staff members
  • Encouragement to students and staff alike
  • Knowledge of current trends in education and willingness to share his knowledge
  • Technical skills and expertise in computer technology
  • Sense of humor “— Jim R. High School English

“Chris uses creativity in his communication with faculty, as well as students, which is very effective in gaining their attention.  He has a great amount of empathy in dealing with students which is demonstrated in his daily dealings with students in class, the hallways, and disciplinary conferences.” – Laurie M., High School Special Education

“Keeps current on latest technology and uses it. Chris is a good role model/mentor for the ‘low tech’ staff members”

“Building discipline has improved under his leadership.   He incorporates technology into the discipline record keeping to keep everyone informed.”

“Students perceive Mr. Telfer as being fair and consistent” – Nancy W., High School Media Specialist

“Change initiatives are often accompanied by cultural challenges within school buildings. Chris has considerable experience with staff members who are resistant to change. He acquired an arsenal of strategies to lead people, who are in various stages of accepting change, through a new initiative… Chris has a warm and humorous way about him. Students and staff feel comfortable around Chris. Positive relationships are critical to leadership and it may be Chris’ greatest strength.” – Leslie B. Elementary School Principal


  •     Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Trainer Certification – Autism Spectrum 11/2011
  •     Danielson Teacher Evaluation Training from Pathways – 7/7/2011    
  •     Drew Howick Facilitating Groups Training 2010-2011
  •     Universal PBIS Training Spring 2011
  •     Facilitator of Madision, WI CHADD Parent Support Group (10/2010)
  •     Reeves Leadership Institute – Prioritization of Standards Curriculum Process (Spr. 2011)
  •     PowerSchool University, Boston, MA (7/2010)
  •     PBIS Universal Training/Internal Coach – August 2009 Stevens Point, WI
  •     Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training and Trainer Certification (5/2009)
  •     Intervention for Struggling Readers: What Really Matters (12/2007)
  •     Professional Learning Communities – Rich DuFour , Las Vegas, (6/2007)
  •     Breaking Ranks in the Middle, Washington, D.C. (4/2007)
  •     Building the Heart of Successful Schools (12/2006)
  •     Bomb Threat Seminar – Appleton, FVTC (5/2006)
  •     Love and Logic Seminar (4/2006)
  •     Certified Trainer of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & Effective Teens (1/2006)
  •     CPR, First-Aid, AED Training (2/2005) (11/2005) (8/2008) (8/2009) (8/2010) (8/2011)
  •     PDP Reviewer Trained (10/2005)
  •     Reid Interview Techniques – Appleton 2005
  •     Janie Pollock – Effective Teaching/Technology Integration/Grading (2005)
  •     Covey – Focus® Achieving Your Highest Priorities May 2005
  •     Wisconsin-Gates-Leadership Academy (2004-2005)
  •     Janie Pollock – Curriculum, Teacher Evaluation (2003-2004)
  •     Drug ID & Recognitions Certification (Lights & Cards) April 2004
  •     Love and Logic – Creating Responsible, Respectful Kids (Wichita 2004)
  •     Jim Fay’s – Love and Logic® (2003)
  •     Covey – 4 Roles of Leadership Training® (2003)
  •     Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® (2003)

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